Single estate tea from around the world.

We are d’brew, a tea company specialised in delivering quality single estate tea from around the world straight to your doorstep making quality leafy tea accessible and affordable while supporting communities at the bottom of supply chain.

d’brew was first started when life-long friends Darshi and Nuwan, discovered their passion for quality tea.

So far, we have been researching and sampling number of single estate tea varieties from Sri Lanka including Handmade teas and speciality teas. This has enabled us to select and start working with a handful of quality single estates ready to share with you.

With your help, we will be able to put our first order from these tea estates. We plan to start the single origin tea range with tea from a handful of carefully selected Ceylon tea estates representing all 3 regions. Finally we plan to upgrade our in-house built website to be able to offer subscriptions and improve user experience.

We are thrilled to have you on board for our future steps.

Cuppa along!