Ronnefeldt Rooibos Cream Orange

New Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange Tea bags. Naturally caffeine free. Specially selected infusions with an innovative teabag design. The large teabag provides all the space these tasty infusions need to unfurl and deliver their flavourEach teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug whilst brewing.

Pure tea Peppermint-1.5g

There are many wild mint varieties within Europe but it is only peppermint that is used as a cultivated plant. Peppermint is seen as a popular spice and medicinal plant. Infused into a drink it comes up with a spicy aromatic taste that is underlined with a lovely cooling and invigorating freshness finishing with a hint of sweetness.

The main ingredient of peppermint is the etheric peppermint oil with the most important part called menthol. Due to the tannins in peppermint it is seen as a popular digestive drink. The deliciously cooling taste of the brew is very refreshing and is also recommended cold on a hot day.