Change for the better campaign.

We are changing for the better. We decide to focus our energy on single estate tea. So we decided clear our current stock for innovative products. We created change for the better box to surprise your taste buds. In this d’brew box we put together samples of following products.

Ronnefeldt Darjeeling summer gold - Black
Ronnefeldt Green Dragon Lung Ching - Green
Ronnefeldt Rooibos Cream Orange - Herbal

An elegant black organic tea with a delicious Muskatell flavour.This summer picking is for Darjeeling connoisseurs who like it a little stronger.

A rare, mildly tangy spring tea from Zhejiang Province. The leaf bud and leaves are carefully dried and pressed by hand so that the shoots stay rolled and only unfold and uncurl when the tea is brewed.

New Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea Rooibos Cream Orange Tea bags. Naturally caffeine free. Specially selected infusions with an innovative teabag design. The large teabag provides all the space these tasty infusions need to unfurl and deliver their flavour Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug whilst brewing.

Ronnefeldt Earl Grey - Black
Ronnefeldt English Breakfast - Black
Pure tea Earl Grey Black lion - Black

Flavoured Black Tea with bergamot flavour. Fresh bergamot flavours beautifully combined with a high quality Indian black tea producing an intense and vigorous flavour. The large teabag provides all the space these lovely teas need to unfurl and deliver their flavour Each teabag has an innovative clip to hold it in place on your cup or mug whilst brewing.

A blend of the best of Ceylon Uva Highland teas determine the high standard of this fruity – tangy mix.

Earl Grey Pyramid Teabags use fresh natural bergamot oil from controlled organic resources to create our interpretation of this famous blend. Based on a fully fermented black tea that reminds of earthy sweet Chinese black teas as much as spicy Assam varieties, the bergamot flavour adds a distinct note and refreshing fragrance to this composition. The deep red brown cup colour surprises with the fresh notes of the bergamot and delivers an excellent drink that many people love.

Black tea, natural bergamot oil.

Pure tea Peppermint-1.5g - Herbal
Pure tea Sweer Pi Lo Chun - Green
Pure tea Assam Garden - Black

There are many wild mint varieties within Europe but it is only peppermint that is used as a cultivated plant. Peppermint is seen as a popular spice and medicinal plant. Infused into a drink it comes up with a spicy aromatic taste that is underlined with a lovely cooling and invigorating freshness finishing with a hint of sweetness. The main ingredient of peppermint is the etheric peppermint oil with the most important part called menthol. Due to the tannins in peppermint it is seen as a popular digestive drink. The deliciously cooling taste of the brew is very refreshing and is also recommended cold on a hot day.

Pure tea Chennai Chai - Black

Blend harmoniously with our strong Assam tea. If you like it really traditional enjoy this tea with some hot milk. In India they call this drink Masala Chai and is seen as the national beverage. Every family has their own recipe that is like a well protected secret. The taste of Chai is a true reflection of India.

*Black Tea, *pieces of cinnamon, *fennel, *pieces of ginger, *cloves, *anise

This Sweet Pi Lo Chun Pyramid Teabags from the southern Chinese province of Fujian is characterized by its sweet, slightly fruity flavor and its yellow – green cup color. Translated Pi Lo Chun explains as per the following Pi: The color of tea (green as emerald) Lo: The shape of the leaves (small snails) Chun: The Spring (The tea is harvested in spring)

Organic Black Tea Assam Garden Pyramid Teabags from the Assam Garden is a truly strong, spicy and powerful cup of tea. It has the typical malty notes and infuses into a rather dark brown cup colour that is very happy to take milk to your liking and even sugar to taste. The garden Rembeng is one of the pioneers when it comes to organic tea growing in Assam. Assam is a high plateau in the Northeast of India and stretches along both sides of the river Brahmaputra. This Assam is a quality alternative to every cup of Breakfast Tea but it tastes just as nice in the afternoon perhaps with a piece of cake or at least a biscuit.

As avid tea drinkers it is our duty to bring back this humble plant Camellia sinensis glorious days. With our new campaign we aim to deal directly with small single tea estates while giving back fair share to people who make a living around this humble plant. Tea is a truly versatile drink. So help us to clear our stock for us to “change for the better”

Price for the change for the better box is £7.00. In this box you will receive 2 tea bags of above tea brands/blends. Each tea bag contain up to 3.0 g of tea.