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Most of us drink a cup of tea every day and most of us brew tea bags containing fanning (left over dust after larger pieces of leaves are sold for quality and loose tea). They are cheap but does not let us enjoy the natural goodness and reap the health benefits, of tea. Super markets have started stocking quality tea but only few brands started doing single Origin tea. d’ brew was setup to change this by making quality leafy tea from single estates accessible and affordable to everyone.

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We are aiming to stock single estate tea from quality and award winning (own label) tea brands around the world. There are plenty of places where you can buy tea. But we are the only place to stock multiple (own label) brands. They are difficult to find in the supermarkets and expensive to buy direct.


We specialise in selling finest tea from single estates from around the world. We started with Ceylon tea but aim to showcase estates from regions around the world breaking the culture of multi-origin blends.


Whilst we may fail to be 100% successful we do our best to only stock tea from single estate sourcing their tea ethically and with less impact to the nature. Our boxes are recyclable and our own tea is packed in pouches made from recycled tea sacks.


It has taken many months to design a box that can take a good quantity of tea, reduce delivery costs and fit through 95% of UK letterboxes. A box can take 2 tea pouches. So if you order 4 pouches we’ll send 2 boxes and if you order 6 we’ll send 3 boxes.


You don’t have to be at home for delivery or sign for it. The postman don’t have to leave it with a neighbour or in the gas meter box. Our boxes are delivered through the letter.


We have made it our mission to give something back and share the profits with the communities at the bottom of the supply chain. We are supporting the Sarvodaya Orphanage in Sri Lanka. So you can be proud that for every cup you enjoy you are making a baby or a toddler smile.

Our subscription service is coming soon so you’ll never have to run out of a good quality tea.

If you have any comments, questions or even ideas we’d love to hear from you. Please email crew@dbrew.co.uk.

Cuppa along!


We are two friends who have set out to revive our beloved drink.

Nuwan J Jayaweera
Nuwan J Jayaweera

Our taste buds were suffering at the hands of mass produced tea. We thought we could do a lot better!

After 11 months in the making we have finally launched d’brew with the help of our partners

Hope you join us to revive the tea industry and give the growers, quality brands and their tea the deserved recognition.

Hope you enjoy a good cup of tea every single time.

Cuppa along!
Crew @ d’brew

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